Things to do at Grindelwald First

Things to do at Grindelwald First

There are various Grindelwald First Activities that you can enjoy to the fullest such as strolling through the walkways and a swinging bridge to climb the first peak. Enjoy the comfortable First Glider adventure as your children take their first flight.Feel a burst of excitement with the First Flier personalized ziplining trip. After a delightful stroll through the snowy environs, admire Bachalpsee Lake's serene beauty. Take a mountain carriage down the hills and enjoy the views this beautiful mountain has to offer at your own pace. While riding the cable car up First Mountain, take in the breathtaking views of Grindelwald.

First Glider ziplines over the village and snow-covered mountains. Driving the Trottibike Scooter on the hilly roads will give you a rush of adrenaline. To discover more, take a stroll down the entertaining Marmot Educational Trail. Grindelwald additionally tailors the tours to be extremely family-friendly.. You may really enjoy your visit to Grindelwald-First if you have children as the kids will adore the Marmot Trail, which runs for two hours from First to Schilt and has a carved marmot and seats, in addition to the Bort Alpine Playground just at Bort Gondola station, where they may seek live marmots.

First Flier

This zip-lining journey will feel fresh because of the nearby winter weather with snow covered mountain peaks and the stunning panorama of Schreckfeld station. This activity is best done when the mountains are blanketed in snow. Unlike most others, this zip line has sturdy and comfortable seats. Due to gravity, you will reach Schreckfeld station in about two minutes. Given that there are four seats, First Flier is particularly enjoyable for families.

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First Glider

If you're looking for an interesting group activity, this is the spot for you. The First Glider is a customized umbrella with four seats linked by a ropeway. Because of the safe seats, this exercise is the perfect combination of fun and safety. You are dropped off by First Glider near the Schreckfeld gondola platform after gliding through the steep terrain for around two minutes.

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First Mountain Cart

Mountain carts are a great way to enhance the downhill experience. A mountain track connects Schreckfeld and Bort stations and is constructed of difficult gravel sections and milder grassland sections with cement grids. The magnificent surroundings will make it tough to keep your attention on the road. You may bike down to Bort in about 30 minutes, drop off your carts, and relax in the breathtaking scenery.

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First Trotti Bike

The most adventurous method to get down the mountain is on a Trotti cycle scooter which will be an unbelievable experience. They are essentially stand-up bikes with two-hand brakes. Although you may go quickly on the paved streets, we advise you to take your leisure and soak in the views. You will pass though farms, mountain top chalets, and lush meadows dotted with golden wildflowers as you travel down the asphalt route.

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First Cliff Walk

Check out Tissot's First Cliff Walk if you're up for some adventure. This cliff hike begins to the east of the gondola station and is one-way. The sight of the Eiger is breathtaking from the metal catwalk. You will be greeted by a horrifying glimpse of the depths below if you are bold enough to gaze down. Take a call as soon as you spot the edge because this activity might not be everyone's cup of tea. It is OK to observe this behavior from the sidelines and marvel at how daring it is.

Visit Bachalpsee Lake

The Lake Bachalpsee brings a feeling of tranquility to Grindelwald First amidst the adrenaline rush because of the adventure sports. This alpine lake, which is only a short distance from the Grindelwald First gondola stop, perfectly encapsulates the natural splendor between Switzerland and Grindelwald. This lake is not only attractive, but it's also easily accessible via a lovely mountain route that requires little to no elevation increase. However, if you intend to take this climb, be sure to go as soon in the morning as you can because it becomes busy very quickly during the day.

Play at Alpine Playground Bort

An excellent destination for families to visit is Grindelwald First. Kids would be interested in many activities, but nothing compares to a traditional play area encircled by snow-covered mountain ranges. The Bort Alpine Playground, which is next to the Bort gondola station, is well-known for its abundance of swingsets, balancing beams, climbing apparatus, and other play structures. While you unwind before your next activity, you may let your kids play on the playground.

Witness Sunrise at Lake Bachalpsee

The main motive for remaining at the peak is to get to Lake Bachalpsee early before the time of dawn to catch a glimpse of the sunrise. Since the first gondolas don't arrive until late in the morning, staying in Berggasthaus First will give you a head start of many hours. Sometimes it may happen that it is raining in the early morning hours and also become foggy so make sure to depart a little later so that you can have sight of the golden hour and the beautiful cloudy sky.

Berggasthaus First

Berggasthaus First is a terrific spot for accomodation and what better than a place that makes you feel comfy and homely. Not only that it is famous for its lovely food which is an addition to the amazing accommodation. In addition, by spending the night at the summit, you will get unlimited access to the cliff walk. So it only made sense that you return on the following evening. Prior to embarking on your next round of excursions, it is necessary to have lunch so make sure to take a stop at this place.

FAQs For Best Things to do at Grindelwald First

What is the minimum age required to avail of the Grindelwald First ticket?

The minimum age required to avail of the Grindelwald First activities is 10 years. Children between the ages of 10 and 15 will be billed at the kids price. Children who are older than 16 will be treated as adults and charged adult prices.

What are the minimum height and weight required to avail of the Grindelwald First ticket?

The trip is just not suited for anyone who is under 77 pounds, above 275 lbs, or below 4 ft 4 in (135 cm) tall (35 kg)

Can we book Grindelwald cable car tickets online?

Yes, you may purchase tickets online. Not only does it offer a reliable online ticket reservation service, as well as enables buying tickets as easy as sipping coffee. If you purchase your advance tickets, you can indeed take full advantage of incredible savings and special offers. Avoid long queues, waiting for your chance to talk, and overpaying.

What are the timings for Grindelwald First?

On weekdays, Grindelwald First activities are accessible from 9 AM to 12 PM as well as from 1:30 PM to 5 PM. Additionally, Grindelwald First is open on Saturdays, Sundays, Easter Day, and Whit Monday between 10 AM to 1 PM as well as from 1:45 PM to 5 PM.

What is Lake Balchap famous for?

The lake is not just beautiful, but it is also accessible to the majority of people along a magnificent mountain path with minimal to no elevation gain. But if you're planning on doing this trek, be sure to get there as early as you can in the morning since it might get crowded.

Is the First cliff walk safe to do?

Though the cliff walk is not very frightening, the suspension bridge may be exhilarating but it is completely safe. You have the option of using the cable car or hiking down. Alternatively, you may use a mix of the First Flier, a mountain cart, & trotti bikes, like we did. You will not be sorry.

What are the other attractions you can visit near Harder Kulm?

Near Harder Kulm, other attractions include Jungfraujoch, Lake Thun, Schilthorn, Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen, and Interlaken. Jungfraujoch is the highest railway station in Europe, while Lake Thun is ideal for boating, fishing, and swimming. Schilthorn is a peak with panoramic views, and Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen are picturesque villages. You can also checkout Jungfraujoch Pass for guide


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