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Grindelwald First is among the most popular and scenic beautiful spots that you will find in Switzerland. Have an unforgettable experience as you bask in the idyllic view of the golden sunshine, grazing cattle and the Swiss chalets at the summit. Explore the mountain’s beauty through some amazing activities like cable car, zipline, scooter, and mountain cart. Be the early bird and book your Grindelwald First tickets online to make the most of your visit through various combo packages and discounts offered with your Grindelwald first ticket prices. While the tickets can always be purchased from the counter, by pre-booking the tickets, you can avoid the trouble of standing in long queue lines and pre-plan your day without any worry. Also, there will be no fear of missing out on any activity due to a full-booking.

Hop onto some exciting adventurous rides such as cable car and First Flyer with your Grindelwald First tickets. Take a cable car ride to the top of Mt. First and see the breathtaking panorama of the surroundings. ‘First’ is the starting point for a number of trails and activities. Embark upon the First Cliff Walk, a metallic swinging bridge at the side of First Mountain. The rewarding walk will provide you with a fantastic view of the Alps and leave you with a lifetime of memories.

Grindelwald First Overview

Situated in the Bernese Alps of Switzerland, First Mountain in the village of Grindelwald is an ideal place to combine recreational fun, leisure and adventure. Visit this picturesque destination with your Grindelwald First Tickets, and soak in the splendid mountain scenery around you. Witness the mesmerizing views of the mountains as you take a cable car ride from Grindelwald to First. First Mountain is the starting point for several exhilarating activities including a number of hiking trails. Enjoy the thrilling First Glider and First Flyer against the backdrop of Mount First’s beautiful peaks. Explore the different hiking trails and get to see charming views of the Alpine ranges, lush green meadows or snow capped mountains. Walk along the metallic swinging bridge on the First Cliff Walk or enjoy a scenic picnic near the Bachalpsee lake hiking trail. At the lake, you can even see the reflection of the Alpine peaks in the crystal-blue water. Whether you are visiting Grindelwald First in the summers or during the snowy winters, you will spend the best of your time at this all-weather attraction.

Things To Do At Grindelwald First

Grindelwald First has some of the most amazing views of the Alpine mountains, however, it also has some of the most thrilling activities for visitors to try. Activities like First Glider and Trotti bike ride are a few of the many enthralling activities for all the adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers out there. Trails like the Bachalpsee trail in the region are the perfect way to admire the beauty of the Alpine range and the surroundings. Embark on the 45 meter long First Cliff Walk with your Grindelwald first tickets or rip through the sky on the 800 meter long zipline. At the end, finish your visit by going downhill on the mountain carts or Trotti bike rides as you enjoy the scenic nature around you.

Take First Cable Car Ride

Located directly above the village of Grindelwald, the best way to reach Grindelwald First is through a cable car ride from Grindelwald. Enjoy the panoramic view of the mountain ranges on the 25 minutes long scenic gondola ride. The ride will pass through two stations- Bort and Shreckfeld, until it reaches its final location- The First. For a Trottbike ride, get off at the Bort station or if you want to try First Glider, First Flyer or Mountain cart, then arrive at Shreckfield. Ideally, you may start up with activities like First Cliff Walk at First and then gradually make your way down the mountain range.

Experience First Cliff Walk

First Cliff Walk is the most popular activity among visitors in Grindelwald First. Step onto the 45 meter long swinging metallic bridge perched to the side of the First mountain at a height of 2166 meters. You need not wear any special equipment for the walk and it is free with your Grindelwald first ticket prices. The walk leads to a viewing platform from where you can view the charming Swiss beauty against the backdrop of snowy peaks. This walk might seem frightening at first but once you put your fear to the side, it is worth the delightful panorama that you see from atop.

Enjoy First Flieger

Another exhilarating ride at First includes the First Flieger or the First Flyer. It is an individual zipline activity in which you can fly while being seated. The zipline races at the speed of up to 84 km/hour at a 800 meter long zipline which starts at First and ends at Schreckfeld Intermediate station. Confined to the safety of a secure harness, you will go downhill from a height of 2166 meters from the ground at a thrilling racing speed.

Try Out The First Glider

A recent addition in the Grindelwald-First area, First Glider is a must-try activity at First. View the stunning mountain scenery from a bir-eyes point of view as you soar through the sky. First Glider is a zipline activity that takes you downwards from 800 meters up the hill. As you fly down at a maximum speed of 83 km/hour, you will feel as free as an eagle flying in the sky. The ‘Eagle’ or the Glider allows upto four passengers at a time, hence you can enjoy flying along with your family or group of friends as well.

First Mountain Cart

Mountain Cart is a fun-to-do activity for any age group. The sportive vehicle has a comfortable seat and effective brakes which will take you safely through the 3 km long route from Schreckfeld to Bort. It is a kind of a go-kart ride, adapted for the mountainous roads amidst the charm of the Alpine hills. This activity is suitable for all ages, however, children have to be at least 135 cm tall to be able to ride the carts. The mountain cart has a separate ticket, not included in the Grindelwald First ticket prices.

Ride on a Trotti Bike

Seek greater adventure and thrill in the Trotti Bike scooter ride from Bort to Grindelwald. The activity will test your biking skills as you will have to break and steer through the mountainous roads. The adventure packed ride will take you through meadows of flowers and farmhouses all the while you enjoy the scenic beauty that lies ahead. The ride makes for a great family activity as everyone can rent and ride the bikes together. Only children above the height of 125 cm can ride the scooter bikes.

Go On a Hiking

The Grindelwald First area has plenty of hiking trails for a walk or stroll around the area. Apart from the Bachalpsee trail, you will find the Faulhorn Trail, Flower trail and First Schynige Trail are some of the popular trails in the region. Cross rocky paths and grassy meadows in summers or snow covered paths in winters. Enjoy the exceptional views from atop as you hike along these paths.

Visit Bachalpsee Lake

Located within a short walking distance from Grindelwald First cable car station, the Bachalpsee Lake is one of the most beautiful hikes in Grindelwald. It is a well-developed hiking trail that leads to the ‘blue jewel’ of the Alps in less than an hour. The 5.9 km long round-trip walk will take you to Lake Bachalpsee, situated at a height of 2265 meters above sea level. From the lake, you will be able to see the Swiss mountains and the magical reflection of the Alpine peaks in the lakes. The lake also makes for a great spot to enjoy a leisurely picnic along its tranquil water.

First Bag Jump

First bag jump will give you the same thrilling adventure as jumping on a huge fluffy pillow from a height. A 15 x 15 meter high inflated pillow is kept next to the cable car station at Grindelwald first. Visitors can jump on the huge pillow-like bag which gently cushions landings from varying heights. Feel as if on cloud nine as you dive into the void and land on the bag. Exciting and simple, you do not need any additional equipment for this activity, nor do you need to jump out of a helicopter. Simply breathe and jump into the sky.

Grindelwald First Tickets Options

Grindelwald First Mountain Adventure From Zurich

Explore the charming mountain ranges of Grindelwald through a range of exciting activities like the first Flyer zipline and Trottbike scooter. The thrilling zip line will take you down the hill from a height of 800 meters above the ground at a maximum speed of 84 km/hour. After that, hop on the mountain cart and enjoy the stunning view on your way down to Bort. Lastly, reach Grindelwald on the Trottbike scooter while appreciating the Alpine scenery and wooden styled houses of Swiss.

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Grindelwald Gondola Ride to Mount First

Make your way to the valley station in Grindelwald and book a Gondola ride to Mount First summit. The trip which will last for about 30 minutes will take you through an impeccable view of the mountain area. Upon reaching the summit, you can enjoy some adventurous activities like suspension bridge and First Cliff Walk. Add a dash of thrill to your experience by choosing to do the First Flyer and the First Glider activity at the top of the summit.

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Grindelwald First Adventure Group Tour from Interlaken

Combine scenic sightseeing with exhilarating activities on a day trip to the Alpine town of Grindelwald from Interlaken. Soar among the clouds on the 800-meter long zipline and walk on the swinging metal bridge with your Grindelwald First tickets. Take the gondola ride and view the picturesque scenery of the Swiss mountains including the peaks of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. End your visit by enjoying the First Flyer, a mountain cart and the Trottbike scooter for an adrenaline rush amid the alpine meadows.

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Grindelwald Cliff Walk and Bachalpsee Trail

Embark on an exciting yet delightful ride to the Bernese Oberland and enjoy the refreshing view as you pass by five different mountain lakes. Take a cable car ride to Mount First and challenge yourself with activities like First Cliff Walk, First Flyer and the thrilling First Glyder. A hike to Lake Bachalp is a must-try in the area. Enjoy the breathtaking lake view of the Bachalpsee as well as click some spectacular photos of the surrounding landscapes.

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Grindelwald First Mountain Adventure From Lucerne

Explore the mountain resort Grindelwald on your drive from Lucerne to the Alpine beauty. For adrenaline junkies, the place is packed with exciting activities like the First Cliff Walk and mountain cart ride. Experience the unique First Cliff Walk, a 40 meter long trail along the mountain. Stop by the restaurant Berggasthaus First and grab a bite to eat on its amazing sun terrace. Take the Trottbike scooter on your way downhill to arrive again at the First all the while enjoying the picturesque location.

Know Before You Go To Grindelwald First

Essential Information
  • Location: Grindelwald First is a mountain location and minor summit located on the slopes of the Schwarzhorn in the Bernese Oberland. It is located directly above the village of Grindelwald situated in Switzerland’s Bernese Alps.
  • Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Grindelwald first is during the months of June to October when the weather is pleasant and there are very little rains during this period. This is also the peak season when visitors flock to Grindelwald First to enjoy the lush green meadows, valleys and glaciers around. It is a great time to try adventurous activities as some of them like Trotttibike and mountain cart are only available to do in the summer season.
  • How to Reach: You can easily reach Grindelwald First through public transport like buses and trains, a car or even a thrilling parachute ride. Upon reaching Grindelwald, take a 25 minutes long cable car ride to First.
  1. Public Transport: Grindelwald is easily accessible via public transport services like buses and trains. Take a regular bus or train ride to reach Grindelwald from the town of Interlaken in around 35 minutes.
  2. Car: Conveniently reach Grindelwald from Interlaken in 25 minutes if traveling in your own personal vehicle.
  3. Parachute ride: One of the most exciting ways to mark your entry to Grindelwald is through a parachute ride to the mountain summit.
  • Romantik Hotel Schweizerhof: The 5-star Schweizerhof hotel is one of the best places for the guests to have a luxurious stay near Grindelwald. Against the backdrop of the imposing Eiger and a splendid ambience, the hotel features a heated indoor pool, sun terrace, steam bath, saunas and spa treatments inside the premises. It consists of a range of apartments and rooms to choose from as well.

  • Hotel Wetterhorn: Located in the upper Grindelwald Glacier, Hotel Wetterhorn is one of the few places in Grindelwald where you can stay in the mountains. The hotel is situated at an easy to access location from where you can easily catch a bus to Grindelwald. Two hiking trails start from the hotel itself. Additionally, it has comfortable and functional rooms for the guests to stay.

  • Hotel Bernerhof Grindelwald: Situated in the center of Grindelwald, Hotel Bernerhof is just a minute walk away from the train station. A suitable place for recreational seekers and holiday makers, the hotel is an ideal location to explore the hiking trails and enjoy the charming Swiss mountains. Being easily accessible and having all modern facilities, it is a great place to spend a comfortable holiday.

  • Eiger Selfness Hotel: Just like its name, Eiger Selfness hotel focuses on taking care of yourself, your body and your mind. Meditation workshops, talks and literature are readily available at the hotel. Since its formation in 1890, the hotel has been transformed to accommodate a fitness area, a sauna, a pool plus a wine and whisky lounge, providing a luxurious and comfortable stay to the visitors.

  • With your Grindelwald First tickets, you can access a range of sportive and leisurly facilities.
  • There are three ski areas which can be accessed from the village as well as a restaurant and dining area in the resort.
  • You can also find an indoor pool, sauna and spa at the local sports center.
  • The cable car and lift system from Grindelwald provides easy transport to First and other nearby areas.

Tips To Visit Grindelwald First

  • Hiking along the many trails at Grindelwald First is an amazing way to admire the refreshing scenery and enjoy the phenomenal views.
  • If you are at Grindelwald to try the popular thrilling activities in the mountains, then it is advised to arrive early. Being a famous attraction, the queue for rides like First Flyer are long. It is always better to book your Grindelwald First tickets online and in-advance to avoid queue lines.
  • Some of the thrill activities like First Mountain Cart and Trottibike scooter are available during summer months only. Hence, plan your trip accordingly.
  • For some adventurous activities like First Glider and Mountain Cart, you will need to buy an extra ticket to be able to access them.
  • You can choose to buy a combo package if you want to try many different activities. Packages are an economical way to save money on your Grindelwald first ticket prices as they give you access to a lot of thrilling activities.

FAQs For Grindelwald First Ticket

How to go to Grindelwald from Switzerland?

A car ride from Switzerland to Grindelwald takes about an hour and a half. Grindelwald can be easily reached by various means of transport like train, bus or car. However, the most convenient way to reach Grindelwald is by taking a train from Interlaken Ost station.

Is Grindelwald First tickets available online?

Yes, Grindelwald First tickets are available to be purchased online. Pre-booking your tickets online is always a better option as you can avoid the long queue lines at the counter of famous thrilling activities in Grindelwald first. Also, benefit from the various combo packages and discounts offered with your Grindelwald first ticket prices when you book tickets online.

What is the altitude of the Grindelwald First?

Grindelwald First is located at a height of 2,166 meters above sea level. From atop, visitors can see the breathtaking view of the Eiger and other hiking trails.

Is Grindelwald First worth visiting?

Yes, Grindelwald First is definitely worth a visit due to the scenic panorama of the Alpine ranges that you will rarely see anywhere else. The scenery here is among the most beautiful in the world, worth visiting regardless of whether you are coming in the snow-peaked winter season or the lush green summers.

Is parking available at Grindelwald First?

Yes, paid parking is available at Grindelwald First. With your Grindelwald First tickets, you can access the parking facility however, a parking fee will be applicable.

Where to buy Grindelwald First tickets?

Buy your Grindelwald First tickets from us and benefit from the all-round economical packages and combos offered at the time of booking. Customize your trip as per your wants and benefit from being the early bird when you buy your tickets online.

What would be the Grindelwald First ticket price?

The Grindelwald First Ticket Prices depend on the package variant that you choose and the number of inclusions or activities chosen. For an adult, the ticket price starts from INR 15,000 which includes First Flyer zip line, a thrilling mountain cart descent, and a ride on a Trotti Bike scooter amid scenic nature.

What is Grindelwald famous for?

Grindelwald is among the most popular mountain resorts in Switzerland. The place boasts of its picturesque scenery of the surrounding mountains as well as a variety of thrilling activities for visitors to enjoy. The main landmark in the area is Jungfraujoch, Top of Europe. Beautiful mountain peaks like the Mönch, Eiger, Wetterhorn, First and the magical Bachalpsee Lake add to the charm of the region.


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