First Cliff Walk Grindelwald

Grindelwald-First is an exhilarating mountain station in the famous Jungfrau region of Switzerland. Nestled in the Bernese Oberland, the three-staged cable car station is a starting point for a bucketload of thrills in the Swiss Alps. The Cliff Walk is a long metal bridge spiralling along the First Mountain. Hanging at about 2200 metres above sea level, the Cliff Walk gives visitors breathtaking views of the valley and the north face of the renowned mountain Eiger Wetterhorn, the Schreckhorn, etc.

The Grindelwald-First Cliff Walk, an alpine summit attraction presented by Tissot, is a perfect destination for people of all ages. Anyone who wants to relish in the Swiss Alps without going through the rigours of trekking must visit this walkway. The walk commences with a short trail wrapped around the mountain and then leads onto a narrow metal pathway. The Cliff Walk brings you about 2000 metres above the alpine pastures. A striking part of the Cliff Walk is the observation deck that juts out 45 metres beyond the mountainside! Visitors walk around the entire walkway at a leisurely pace and cover it within 15-20 minutes.

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Book Grindelwald-First Cliff Walk Tickets Online

The Grindelwald-First Cliff Walk tickets include a two-way cable car ride from the Grindelwald Firstbahn to the summit of First. Within 25 minutes, you will reach the summit. After a short 5-minute walk from there, you will be gazing down at panoramic views of the Swiss landscape.There is no entrance fee to stroll on the First Cliff Walk as Tissot sponsors the experience.

The entire Cliff Walk is a surreal experience where you can stroll on a walkway slithering around the First mountain while beholding the alpine meadows. A hanging bridge leads to an observation deck, which is one of the most famous in Switzerland. It offers fantastic views of peaks such as the Reeti, Faulhorn and Wetterhorn. This is the striking feature of the walk as tourists queue up to get pictures clicked here.

With this ticket, visitors can reach the summit of First Mountain, a spectacular peak in the Bernese Oberland. They also get to enjoy mesmerising views of other snow-clad peaks in the region. It is easier to book these tickets online before arrival as it keeps visitors from lining up in long queues.

How To Reach the Cliff Walk

How To Reach the Cliff Walk
  • By Train: Visitors can reach the Cliff Walk by taking a short 10-minute walk from the Grindelwald railway station to the Grindelwald Firstbahn Gondola life station. Starting from the Interlaken Ost in the valley, Grindelwald railway station is the last destination on the narrow-gauge Bernese Oberland Railways.
  • By Car: Visitors arriving in Grindelwald by car can access the public car park right outside the railway terminal. The parking prices are nominal and charged based on the number of hours or days.

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Highlights of First Cliff Walk Grindelwald

  • The thrilling experience of walking around the high elevation mountain lookout walkway.
  • Breathtaking views of Eiger’s legendary north face and pastures of the Grindelwald valley makes this trip even better.
  • The observation deck that juts out from the mountainside is a remarkable place that hangs out into an abyss.
  • Click amazing pictures with the Swiss Alps in the backdrop.

FAQs For First Cliff Walk Grindelwald

What is First Cliff Walk?

    It is a metal walkway with suspension bridges and lookout platforms that provides stunning views of the Grindelwald valley and legendary mountains like the Jungfrau and the Eiger. It is presented by Tissot and has been welcoming thrill seekers since 2015.

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